The most common answer to the question: ‘What do you hope to achieve in your life and for your kids?’, is: ‘To be happy!’ But what does this mean, can we really achieve it and if so, how?
While wise thinking on the deeper sources of wellbeing go back to the time of the Buddha and earlier and the right to pursue happiness is enshrined in the US Constitution, scientific research on the topic is very recent. But now there are rich contributions about wellbeing from a confluence of sources including neuro-science, psychology, evolutionary biology, behavioural economics and behavioural finance.

But how can this help us in our daily lives? The material in this section on Wellbeing seeks to bring this research to life, while also benefiting from the shared knowledge and wisdom of our readers.  We begin by looking at the difference between merely surviving and really thriving and look at what it really means to thrive.




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