Cradle Mountain Tasmania – A Photo Essay



Cradle Mountain from the beautiful Dove Lake

 If you want to enhance your wellbeing by communing with nature and really experiencing the great outdoors, few places offer better options than the island of Tasmania. It’s off Australia’s southern tip and too often left off maps of Australia that just show the mainland. On a recent visit to Cradle Mountain, we discovered why this has become one of the island’s favourite and famed destinations.  The mountains are not especially high – Cradle Mountain being at its highest just over 5,000 feet. But their steepness, shape, distinct characteristics and the lakes which are dotted through the range, give the whole area a dramatic, picturesque quality.

Cradle Mountain from Marion’s Lookout
The whole area is dotted with great walks, which give very different aspects of Cradle Mountain and the surrounding terrain. A moderately steep, but rewarding walk is up to Marion’s Lookout
The Face Track from Dove Lake is a scramble

The most spectacular, but very steep, climb up to the base of Cradle Mountain, is via the Face Track, starting at Dove Lake and requiring pulling yourself up by chains towards the top.

The Face of Cradle Mountain

You get a completely different perspective of Cradle Mountain from the top of the Face Track

On the way to the Summit!
The track up to the Summit is pretty good, but involves some boulder hopping towards the top.
On top of Tasmania - Dove Lake and Hansen Peak on the right from Cradle Mountain
But the boulder hopping is worth it, if just for the views below which stretch out far into the horizon
The Twisted Lakes from Hansen Peak
Hanson Peak also offers another challenging, but rewarding climb, passing the Twisted Lakes and vistas of even more lakes beyond.
Pademelon at the front door
A scraping at the front door of our cabin turned out to be a pademelon wanting to come in and join us by the fire.
A final glimpse
Last but not least, the view of Cradle Mountain on the descent from Marion’s Lookout, with Lake Lilla in the foreground and Dove Lake below it. It’s hard not to be inspired. And not to be happy.

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