Nov 042011

How can we use money to improve wellbeing? Arun Abey, co-founder of Walsh Bay Partners, a public speaker and a consultant on strategy, believes that personal success and wellbeing begin with better understanding ourselves and mastering our minds.

With the publication of his best-selling book ‘How Much Is Enough’, Arun combines the latest behavioral research with compelling stories of those who have found meaning beyond their bank accounts, including Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Ann Sutoro (the mother of President Obama).  Arun and co-author Andrew Ford are leaders in exploring the relationship between money and happiness. One of their most intriguing findings is that while money may not buy happiness, being happy helps you to make money. Or as they put it: “The people who are happy and rich, were happy first and rich second”.

What motivates Arun: ‘This is a rich and growing area of research that I find both intellectually stimulating  and practically useful in all aspects of my life; from working with the private clients of Walsh Bay Partners, big corporates, the disadvantaged, to my own life and last, but not least, my kids. Trying to bring these research ideas to life gives me a sense of meaning as well as achievement when I see this having a positive effect on the lives of others.’


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