Nov 042011

How can we use money to improve wellbeing? Arun Abey, co-founder of Walsh Bay Partners, a public speaker and a consultant on strategy, believes that personal success and wellbeing begin with better understanding ourselves and mastering our minds.

With the publication of his best-selling book ‘How Much Is Enough’, Arun combines the latest behavioral research with compelling stories of those who have found meaning beyond their bank accounts, including Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Ann Sutoro (the mother of President Obama).  Arun and co-author Andrew Ford are leaders in exploring the relationship between money and happiness. One of their most intriguing findings is that while money may not buy happiness, being happy helps you to make money. Or as they put it: “The people who are happy and rich, were happy first and rich second”.

What motivates Arun: ‘This is a rich and growing area of research that I find both intellectually stimulating  and practically useful in all aspects of my life; from working with the private clients of Walsh Bay Partners, big corporates, the disadvantaged, to my own life and last, but not least, my kids. Trying to bring these research ideas to life gives me a sense of meaning as well as achievement when I see this having a positive effect on the lives of others.’


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Oct 202017
Life, Meaning and Purpose – Reflections on the Life of a Parent and Grandparent

My last conversation with my father was when he rang on a Sunday afternoon recently, complaining of the symptoms of a stomach upset and the fact that his hiatus hernia was giving him trouble. The discomfort persisted and his GP insisted that he attend Canberra hospital as a precaution. Reluctantly, my father went to the […]

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Feb 242017
Cuba: Revolution, Communism and Happiness

It takes less than 60 minutes to fly from Miami to go back to a world of 60 years ago in Havana, Cuba. It is a world that is truly unique, dominated by 60 years of revolutionary ideology. Miami is a city which displays the full spectrum of American life. It celebrates the country’s diversity, great strengths, culture, dynamism, violence, […]

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May 212015
Understanding the whole Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway's 50th Shareholders' Meeting

How well would Ed Sheeran go if he was playing in a city like Omaha, Nebraska, with a population of under 1 million people? My son told me that Ed’s concert at the Sydney Footbal Stadium was sold out in 30 minutes. But Sydney is an international city, with a population 4 times the size […]

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Jul 062014
Can people have hope and thrive in the world's largest slum?

What does the word ‘slum’ conjure in your mind? Lots of sad, very poor people, squashed together, living in abject misery? Despite my South Asian origins and work in developing countries, more often than not I would unquestioningly accept that stereotype. And what prospect could there be for redeveloping a slum in which both slum […]

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Feb 232013
Bulletin 2 From a Week at Harvard 2013 - Will our Children Enjoy an Energy Revolution

Harvard 2013 Bulletin No 2 Here’s my second bulletin summarising key takeaways from a recent week at Harvard Business School. The thoughts and views should be regarded as mine, unless otherwise attributed. Picture: Martin LaMonica/CNET Terrapower and the Energy Revolution Not content with trying to foster an education revolution, Bill Gates is also trying to […]

Sep 282012
Can It Pay to Study What I Love?

Following my speech to its graduates last year, the Australian National University’s College of Business and Economics gave me the honour of addressing its Prize and Scholarship winners at a recent ceremony.  As I prepared my talk, I thought about my hopes and concerns for our students. The modern world offers them almost limitless possibilities. At […]

Apr 282012
Cradle Mountain Tasmania - A Photo Essay

  Cradle Mountain from the beautiful Dove Lake  If you want to enhance your wellbeing by communing with nature and really experiencing the great outdoors, few places offer better options than the island of Tasmania. It’s off Australia’s southern tip and too often left off maps of Australia that just show the mainland. On a recent visit […]

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